Pioneering the Future of Global Trade Financing

In an exclusive alliance with Artis Capital in New York and Artis Trade Invest in London, UK.

We’ve curated a financing model where buyers revel in the advantages of CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) terms. At the same time, sellers bask in the assurance of FOB (Free on Board) payments. This innovative approach streamlines transactions and infuses them with unparalleled trust and dynamism.

Trade on Your Terms:

  • Initial Commitment: The buyer provides a 25% down payment (to the seller) as the base for a flourishing partnership.
  • Guardianship of Goods: As custodians of the title, we’re not just financiers, we are the stewards of your trust and the grantor of the good intentions of buyers and sellers.

How Artis Trade House Stands Apart:

  • Global Footprint: Our physical presence spans over 75 countries, making us recognised force in international trade.
  • A synergy of Knowledge and experience: Marrying the financial sagacity of New York’s (Artis Capital) with the regulatory prowess of London’s Artis Trade Invest, we’re more than a joint venture; we’re a force in financing trade.
  • Unparalleled Benefits: Our clients are ushered into a world where:
    • Bespoke financial solutions are the norm.
    • A vast tapestry of global connections ensures fluidity in every deal.
    • The fusion of European and American trade experience offers a competitive advantage.

Discover the Artis Trade House revolution and

Artis Trade House is a distinguished specialist trade financier that Operating on a global scale, we possess a comprehensive network of resources, knowledge, and personnel to guarantee the success of your deals.

Our focus lies in collateralized trade finance transactions, enabling us to effectively mitigate risks and provide tailored financial solutions. While our deal size criteria remain flexible, our typical financing range accommodates traders with transactions up to $10 million.

We serve businesses across a diverse range of industries and sectors, adapting our expertise to meet the unique needs of each client. To ensure a secure and robust trade process, we require a minimum of 25% down payment from the buyer to the seller in order to initiate the financing arrangement. Additionally, an insurance policy for the trading goods is mandatory prior to shipping.

Our dedicated team meticulously verifies the quality and conformity of the goods before they are shipped to the buyer. This rigorous inspection guarantees that the goods are indeed the specified ones and in impeccable condition. Upon verification, Artis Trade House disburses the remaining balance to the “Seller”, facilitating the release of the goods. Subsequently, upon the goods' arrival at their destination, the “Buyer” is required to settle the outstanding balance in full before the goods are released from Artis Trade House.

In summary, by engaging Artis Trade House for your trade transactions, the “Seller”, can rest assured knowing that they are fully compensated upon releasing the goods from their factory or warehouse. Meanwhile, the “Buyer” enjoys the certainty that the goods they receive are precisely as expected and in excellent condition, thanks to our thorough inspection process.

Registered supplier: United Nations Global Marketplace

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